COURSEMOSːBrand for learning platform service


COURSEMOS is built on the idea and value of Moodle.

Martin Dougiamas, a young guy living in Australia, experienced inconvenience using the conventional type of learning management system. He sought to create a different LMS which is easy to use, simple UI, better for online learning and inexpensive. In August 2002, his effort was introduced to the public as the name ‘Moodle’. This open-source learning management system has advanced through voluntary participation, which improved a number of additional functions and applied various languages for more users. Moodle provides many interactive tools and activities like workshop, since it derives from social constructivism, which focuses on active interaction between educational stakeholders. Now Moodle is the LMS used by the most users among the learning management systems around the world.


It is the high-end integrated learning platform based on Moodle, with improved UI/UX, upgraded and advanced additional solutions. So you can explore the ‘COURSEMOS’!

  • Learner

    Accessibility and effective learning for learners
    • High accessibility by supporting various devices and browsers
    • Provide effective and attractive learning tool for improving the learning effect
    • Design the career roadmap based on the learning record management
    • Support social learning through strong the interaction tool
  • Instructor

    Convenience and usability for instructors
    • Intuitive and simple functions
    • Easy-to-use instructional design
    • Tools to estimate outcome & check through the learner pattern analysis
    • Realize new teaching-learning model such as Flipped Learning or MOOCs
    • Support various learning resources & activities
    • Continuous interaction with learners
  • Center for Teaching and Learning

    More effective administration
    • Smart administration tools integrated with the current academic affair administrative system
    • Integrated management using the one-stop management system
    • Provide the most appropriate package considering the wide range of the budget

Continuous teaching/operation process

  • Technical support through Help Desk
  • Workshop in on/offline
  • Provide various manuals according to the user role
  • Support communities for improving Moodle
  • Consult usage on COURSEMOS

Not just providing the system, COURSEMOS interacts with you.

If you have any question or problem using COURSEMOS? Contact the Help Desk anytime. Experts in the Help Desk are ready to listen to you, and give solution in a timely manner. In addition, even beginners can learn how to use COURSEMOS so easily, through the provided manuals with step-by-step guide according to the level and user role. We also plan to hold a workshop for users and operators for training and giving consultation for better use. We believe those support will help improvement of Moodle communities, the soil of COURSEMOS.

Service flow

Flowchart to establish the COURSEMOS learning platform service

Please refer to the procedure to establish the COURSEMOS learning platform as below:


  • Analyze requirement of a customer
  • Suggest the most appropriate package according to the circumstance of the customer


  • Make the contract


  • Install & run the package


  • Have a test for verification and apply


  • Training for users on/offline
  • Provide manuals for better use of COURSEMOS
  • Hold workshop on using COURSEMOS in more various ways


  • Support operators & technicians in charge of the established system through Help Desk
  • Support communities of Moodle users

Additional functions

Solutions which can be integrated with COURSEMOS

Make your own package by choosing the functions you need among a number of options COURSEMOS provides.

Mobile App

Mobile App service

The COURSEMOS mobile app helps users access their learning as they use that in the web, and supports the more effective learning by real-time messaging, mobile VOD, Notice on the notification and assignment.


VOD Player

Realize the brand-new education agenda like Flipped Learning, MOOCs, or OCW using the simple viewer with speed/progress management of the VOD player.


Plagiarism check

With the best solution for plagiarism check, Copykiller, prevent plagiarism and encourage sharing honesty between learners.

Authoring tool

Authoring tool

The powerful contents authoring tool enables instructors to create VOD for teaching with ease and institutions to try MOOCs or Flipped Learning, by providing recording and modifying audio/video.

Coming Soon You can experience new services released by COURSEMOS

  • Mini LMS

    The simplified version of LMS is optimized on the video-centered learning by a small group.

  • Smart attendance processing system

    With just installing an app, students’ attendance is registered automatically. It not only saves time in every class, but helps instructors check the attendance status in real-time and and apply them to the grade.

  • E-portfolio

    By storing the data of leaners’ activity during the learning, this new solution will help them design the career roadmap after graduation. Also instructors will be able to collect their performance and line up the stored data.